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The Anti-Agency

We are Indianapolis-based digital marketing advocates who fight against industry stereotypes and for thoughtful marketing strategies, rigorous market research, and inspired branding so we can build beautiful digital designs and creative content marketing.

What We Do

With a full-circle approach, you can rest assured that if you can dream it, we can do it. From web and app design to integrated marketing strategies, you can rely on us to get the job done—and done well.

Searching for something? We can help.

If you’re lost and you look, you will find it…

How We Do It

We’re digital marketers who put people first so we can build brands that are human.

We understand that while digital marketing continues to evolve, it will always remain rooted in human connection. We know this because we’re consumers, too. We feel connected to brands, inspired by design, and changed by content. That’s why we build digital marketing and website experiences infused with a little heart and soul.

See How We Work

What We’re Thinking

Meet our new word nerd, Chris!

Hey hey! My name’s Chris, and I’m excited to be starting the second decade of my writing career at Kicks. I’m a long-form content writer with a short-form dog — my corgi runs the show around my house.

Enough About Us.

Let’s Talk About You

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? Kicks Digital Marketing. All Rights Reserved. | Privacy Policy

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